Partners and Management


General Hossam salama

Former Assistant Minister of Petroleum

Vice chairman

Ahmed Batran

20 years experience at PMS Egypt

Since 2020


Professional experience of co-founders lasted for more than 20 years in the oil & gas companies.
Now Gen Marine SAE ranked a high rank in the Egyptian local Offshore industry.


  • Vision

    Actively taking part in solving the energy & shipping challenges of tomorrow.

  • Mission

    Develop a sustainable relationship with all parties based on trust and the quality of our services to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions in accordance with our professional management system and all applicable laws, regulations and international instruments.

  • Quality

    We maintain a high level of quality and ensure compliance throughout our organization. GenMarine is committed to the continuous improvement of all our services & operations by constantly looking for ways to improve our work processes and procedures that have been developed over the past years, and incorporating recognized industry best practices.

  • Environment

    We always take the environment into consideration when managing our business and we take pride in living up to our environmental responsibilities often exceeding the regulatory requirements.


  • People

    We will provide a workplace built on trust, cooperation and mutual respect where our people care about their safety and the safety of those around them.

  • Teamwork

    We will share knowledge, resources and services across our business. We will work together as one team to achieve our common goals.

  • Customer Relationships

    We will understand our customers’ requirements by building long-term collaborative relationships. We will provide safe and proactive solutions that are beyond expectations.